Save Those Paperclips!

Recently, I tried my hand at setting up a wireless repeater. Little did I know I would have a few problems and would end up 30-30-30 resetting my repeater-to-be several times. Here’s my angle at fixing that foolishly tiny button that you have to hold for a ludicrously time in order to reset the router.


All I did was solder one side of a couple wires to the original button, and the other sides to a new, easier to reach button. Here’s what it looks like from the top:


Now no more wasted paperclips! Hooray!

Edit: I’ve seen quite a few people commenting on various sites saying, in short, that if I’m resetting my router this much, I need a new router, not a fancy button. I’d like to clarify that I didn’t need the button, nor are daily resets required. This router is the one that I go to if I want to try something out, such as making a repeater, or a client bridge, etc. So between locking myself out, and 30/30/30 resets before flashing firmware, I’ve needed to reset a few times, and it always frustrated me, fiddling around with a paperclip and that tiny hole. During normal operation, this router doesn’t need resets. But normal operation is not what I do 🙂