Portable Powered Breadboard!

Recently, I was pondering the mysteries of life, and I realized how convenient it would be for travels and such, if I had an enclosed, portable breadboard! It would be great to have something small and close-able to take on travels and such, and I figured it might be a fun project too! I decided that it needed to have some kind of power source, and bonus points would be given for adjustability (Adjustableness.)

A few weeks ago, my dad brought home a portable, old parallel debugging box from work, and, since I didn’t think I would be debugging any parallel ports any time soon I decided that it would be an awesome enclosure to use for this project. So I got to work!

Here’s the box before I got to the fun stuff.


The first step would be to gut the box out and make room for the new stuff. I saved all of the internals just in case I needed it (Coughcough hoarding,) Then I hot-glued a mini breadboard into it. Here’s what it looked like: Image

Next, A circuit had to be created, and diagrammed for easy creation. After looking through my supplies, I found a pretty sick rotary selector switch and some voltage regulators, and inspiration followed. Here’s the diagram:

And now the fun part! I grabbed the parts needed and got a-soldering. It didn’t take me very long, since everything is pretty simple and straightforward. Here’s the finished product, all glued and soldered:Image

So there you have it! A portable, adjustable-powered breadboard.There isn’t anything in one side, so I can store jumper wires and stuff there when I need to. Hope you enjoyed it!


One thought on “Portable Powered Breadboard!

  1. That’s actually for checking serial ports (ye olde ones were 25 pin), and looks like a nifty piece of gear.

    Serial comms still shows up, a lot of USB devices merely have USB-serial converters, the microprocessor then only needs to deal with the simpler serial protocols and not USB.

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